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    Gilvus Plus - smart

    This subtle wall light with a great effect is part of the Garden Lights Plus line of smart garden lighting. The Gilvus Plus can be controlled with the Garden Lights app, allowing you to create any ambiance you want in your garden.

    This black wall light is suitable for any type of garden: hang it up in a canopy, next to a door or along a fence, and connect the Gilvus Plus to the Garden Lights app. Link the lights to a zone so you can dim them and adjust the light from warm white to cool white, or any other colour you like, such as green, yellow or red! Is everything set as you like? Save it as a scene and link the scene to a timer. This way, you can relax and enjoy a cosy garden every night!

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    Gilvus Plus - smart

    Dimensions H x D x W
    78mm x 80mm x 67mm
    IP class
    Max wattage
    Light output
    370 lm
    Cable length
    Warranty period
    3 year

    Outdoor wall lights for your garden, terrace, driveway or front door

    Will you choose more affordable outside wall lights or exclusive wall lights? With or without a sensor? Garden Lights has it all! Our exterior wall lights are perfect for your garden, terrace, fence or front door.

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