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  • 12 volt Do it yourself!
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  • Step-by-step plan for setting up the Switch Plus in the app.

    Download the Garden Lights app for iOS in the App Store or Android in the Play Store.

    Important! The minimum software requirements to download the Garden Lights app are Android 5 and iOS 10.

    For the app to work correctly, Bluetooth and location need to be switched on and the switch Plus must be connected to power.


    Step by Step guide

    Could you use some extra help? Download the step by step explanation in screenshots here.

    The app settings

    Creating an account
    You need an account in order to use the app. You can create an account by simply following the steps within the app. Please note: your smartphone must be connected to the internet while creating your account.

    Creating a network
    You can make a network that you can link your smart products to. In order to do this, you can set up a new network or connect to a pre-existing network. For both options, theΒ  Switch Plus must be connected to a lighting system that is plugged in. (The lights must be on).

    Setting up a new network
    Select 'new network'. Create a 4-digit password and confirm your selection. By creating a new network, the app will automatically search for smart products which are connected to power and are set to factory settings.
    Connect to an existing network:
    You can log in to an existing network by scanning the QR code on another device. This QR code is located under 'synchronise products'. You can also enter the network code of the existing network.

    Add products
    Is your Switch/all Switches not included in the overview? Select 'More' and click on 'add product'. Proceed to click on connect, the app will now look for smart products which are powered and on factory settings.

    Name your product
    Give your smart product a name that is easily recognisable and personalised. Select 'More' and click on 'edit product'. Select the product you wish to name, type the preferred name and click 'save'.

    Create a zone
    To control the products in your network they have to be connected to a zone. With one Switch Plus, you can create one zone. If you would like to create separate zones, for the driveway, garage or pond, for example, you would require one Switch Plus per zone.
    1. Go to 'More' and click 'Add zone'.
    2. Name your zone.
    3. You can then add products by clicking on 'products'. Products can be selected by clicking on 'select', the text will then change to selected.
    4. Click 'save' to save the selected products and 'save' once again to save the selected zone.

    Create scene
    In a scene, you can save your favourite settings of the Garden Lights smart products. To set a timer, you also require a scene.
    1. To create a scene, go to 'Zones' at the bottom left of the screen. Turn on the zones you want to have on in the scene and turn off the zones you don't want on in your scene.
    2. You select the zone from which you would like to save a scene, by clicking the name of the zone.
    3. At the top of your screen, you will now see 'Zones' and 'Scenes'. If you have not saved a scene before, the 'Scenes' field will be empty.
    4. By clicking on "save as scene" the scene will save how the zones are currently set. This means that every zone that is turned on, is on in the scene and the zones that are turned off will stay off in the scene.
    5. You can then choose to override an existing 'Scene' or save the 'Scene' as a new 'Scene'.
    6. You can rename the new 'Scene' if you wish.

    Set a timer
    To set a timer, you must have created a scene.
    1. Under 'Timers', you can set a timer by pressing the plus sign.
    2. Name your timer.
    3. Select which scene you would like to switch on or switch off by selecting scene and the scene you wish to alter.
    4. At 'Start up' you choose whether or not to make use of the dark night sensor (this sensor will turn your light on when it is dark or off when it is light) or you can set it to a specific time.
    5. If you have chosen to set specific times, 'start time' will determine what time the lights go on and 'end time' what time the lights go off.
    6. Next, select the days on which the timer will be active.
    7. Save the scene by clicking 'save'.
    You can remove a timer by opening a timer, scrolling down and clicking on 'remove timer'.

    You can set multiple timers simultaneously. For example, lights on at 7 p.m. and off at midnight. Subsequently, lights on at 7 a.m. and off at 9 a.m.

    Using the dark/light sensor
    The dark/light sensor and the configured timers cannot be used simultaneously. If you want to use the dark/light sensor, make sure to remove any previously set timers. Please follow the steps below to activate the dark/light sensor:
    1. Navigate to zones and open the zone to which the Switch Plus has been added.
    2. To the left of the name you chose for the Switch Plus, you will find a half-sun-half-moon symbol.
    3. Click on this symbol. It should now be coloured yellow.
    4. The dark/light sensor of the Switch Plus has been activated successfully, and your lighting will switch on when it gets dark and off at daylight.

    Add a product later
    Have you added another product to create multiple zones? Go to 'add product' and click on 'connect'. The app will now search for all suitable products. Then, you can follow the steps listed above to give your product a name and add it to a zone.

    If the app does not connect to the Switch Plus
    Check to see if the Switch Plus is connected to a working lighting system, that is powered. Meaning, all lights connected to the system should be on.

    Has anyone else connected to the Plus Switch? That person would have to remove the product out of his/her app or share a network. This is possible by logging in using the same network code, or you could simply scan the QR-code under 'synchronise lamps'.

    Not working? There is a reset button at the bottom of the Switch Plus. Press the button for several seconds and then let go. By utilising the reset button the Switch Plus will revert to factory settings.